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Policy Update
Banned Substances

The documents relating to banned substances have been updated. The new documents can be found on the about page, under the documents heading.

tbaw bw Tournament News
National Championships Squads

All singles and doubles squads are now full. Any further entries will have to utilise the overflow squads.

tbaw bw Tournament News
National Championships Squads

The Saturday singles squad has 5 spaces remaining, the saturday doubles squad has 2 places left. The Sunday doubles and singles squads are now full. Four man squads are available both days. Overflow squads will also be available if needed.

tbaw bw Ranking News
Ranking Averages

The Team Wales ranking averages have now been updated and can be downloaded here.

tbaw bw Tournament News
National Championships Squads

The Sunday 9am squad (singles) is now full. The Sunday 11:30am squad (doubles) now only has 2 spots left.

tbaw bw Team Wales News
Updated Rankings

The Welsh rankings have been updated following the 12 game roll off held in Milford. The updated rankings can be found under the Team Wales section of the site.

tbaw bw Tournament News
New Entry Form

We are now taking entries for the nationals. Tournament information can be found on our tournaments page. The entry form is available here.

tbaw bw Tournament News
New Calandar

The new calandar for 2019 has been announced and can be found under the ABOUT section.

International News
Ireland Take Bronze

On behalf of all at the TBAW , a huge congratulations to Chris Sloan winning a bronze medal in Hong Kong World Championship Masters. Ireland's first ever world championship medal! Phenomenal achievement....

Tournament Results
12 Game Singles Results

Tournament results from the 12 game singles, held in Milford on 17th-18th of Novemeber, are now available. The Welsh rankings and averages will be updated shortly. The full results can be downloaded here

Position Name
1 Eric Schultz
2 Jamie Cunningham
3 Suren Johanssen
4 Glenn Robson
5 William Wan
Position Name
1 Suren Johanssen
2 Jamie Cunningham
3 Kev Gibson
4 Dave Goring
5 William Wan

International Update
World Championships Update

Well done to Scotland's Steven Gill Shooting 1340 to get to 6th place out in Hong Kong! An agonising 9 pins of the top 4. England's Pete Stevenson just missing out of the top 20 by a pin with 1274 finishing 21st. Ireland's Alan Bride shooting 1230 finished 48th. Thats the top finishers from the Home Nations ... Im sure we all wish the 18 bowlers representing our small part of the world all the best in doubles tomorrow....!